• SERVImed Industrial

    R&D, Manufacturing & Distribution company focused on medical devices.

    Our continuous R&D efforts are testified by the growth of both our product portfolio and scientific publications supporting our work.


    Unique and patented ophthalmic medical devices.

    SERVImed Industrial distributes an innovative product portfolio, ranging from Corneal Cross-linking to eye drops, diagnostics and supplements

    Corneal Cross Linking
  • Social responsibility

    Collaboration with Amref Health Africa.

    Even today, in many countries of the "South of the world", the government health system is still unable to meet the basic needs of the population, so they turn to associations in the third sector to see their right to health recognized.

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Worldwide distribution of exclusive and patented Ophthalmic Medical Devices, characterized by a strong scientific background.




In partnership with worldwide manufacturers, SERVImed Industrial distributes medical devices at a national level, providing technical and marketing support.




SERVImed Industrial offers Global Service and infection prevention, control & management in public and private healthcare facilities.




SERVImed Industrial developed CF X-LINKER ® system: advanced technical features and a wide treatment choice for a complete and smooth experience in daily medical practice.


SERVImed Industrial


Our goal and efforts are focused on providing innovative products and services to all healthcare professionals. Our mission is to continuously supply solutions in partnership with public and private structures around the world.
SERVImed Industrial is an organization of professionals, divided into these main departments: Sales | Marketing | Clinical & Technical Support | Customer Service | Research & Development | Regulatory Affairs.



2011: Foundation

SERVImed Industrial was founded in 2011 as a medical device distribution company at a national level, with the goal of commercializing products with high scientific value to provide medical professionals with innovative solutions, both in public and private structures.

2014: Launch of the Ophthalmic Division 

Parallel to the national distribution branch, SERVImed Industrial opens its own Ophthalmic department, in partnership with  IROMED GROUP, innovative R&D and manufacturing company, of which SERVImed Industrial becomes exclusive worldwide distributor. The company’s objective is to bring to the market innovative, unique, and patented products and formulations with strong scientific backing, clinical research, and international publications in high impact journals.

All of IROMED's ophthalmic products is are patented and CE marked.

2016: RIBOCROSS ® te on the market

In 2016, RIBOCROSS ® te, the first cross-linking solution based on Riboflavin and Vitamin E TPGS, is launched globally.
Developed with a high corneal penetration and patented formulation, RIBOCROSS ® te is the only solution that uses Vitamin E TPGS’ enhancer properties to provide high performances in every corneal cross-linking protocol. RIBOCROSS ® te is the only Riboflavin solution that can be used in the exclusive Custom fast CXL protocol.


RIBOCROSS ® te is a patented ophthalmic solution, fit for every CXL protocol.


2017: CF X-LINKER ® system launch

In 2017, SERVImed Industrial’s Ophthalmic surgical line expands with the international launch of CF X-LINKER ®, a versatile UV device for corneal cross-linking, bringing to the market the Custom Fast CXL, a customized low power EPI-ON protocol, unique to SERVImed Industrial’s CF X-LINKER ®.




2017-2018: global expansion

In the following years, SERVImed Industrial develops and expands its distribution network, finalizing partnership deals and attending international meetings, congresses and exhibitions.
It increases its presence in the ophthalmic field, continuously providing clinical, technical and commercial support to its partners.

2018: RIBOFAST and DROP defence ® on the market

The cross-linking line expands with the addition of RIBOFAST, a patented dextran free solution that makes SERVImed’s cross-linking porfolio one of the most versatile on the market.
In the same year the eye drops line is officially opened with the launch of DROP defence ®, an anti-UV and anti-blue light protective solution, which is the first and only solution to receive the Personal Protective Equipment certification.


RIBOFAST is a patented dextran free ophthalmic solution, fit for every CXL protocol.


DROP defence ®

DROP defence ® is a unique patented ophthalmic solution based on Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin).

DROP defence ®

2019: growing portfolio

2019 is a year of much growth for our ophthalmic portfolio, with the launch of two new products: DROP therapeutic ®, a high quality patented solution, and DROPsept®, a unique and patented solution with protective and repairing action.

In the same year, SERVImed announces a partnership with TECLens for the distribution and FDA approval of a new combined product for keratoconus treatment, solidifying its international status.

DROP therapeutic ®

DROP therapeutic ®, a high quality patented ophthalmic solution.

DROP therapeutic ®

DROPsept ®

DROPsept ® is a patented ophthalmic solution, adjuvant for the protection and repair of the corneal and conjunctival epithelium, with phlogolithic activity.

DROPsept ®

Social Responsibility

Collaboration with Amref Health Africa

As a company involved in the medical sector, we are aware that inadequate health care involves enormous risks to people's health. Even today, in many countries in the "South of the world", the government health system is still unable to meet the basic needs of the population, which therefore turn to associations in the third sector to see their right to health recognized.

We have chosen to give our contribution to strengthen the response of these realities, making use of the collaboration of Amref Health Africa, the largest non-profit health organization that since 1957 has been involved in guaranteeing the right to health in the African continent. A full adherence to Amref's values has been the starting point of a project to which we are very attached and which substantially defines our contribution to give back to society a part of what we have and produce.

Since 2019, in fact, we will contribute to the strengthening and consolidation of the Maridi National Health Training Institute (Maridi National Health Training Institute) in South Sudan, the most fragile state in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. As part of this school, we will grant an annual scholarship to two students who attend the training course for Community Health Workers (Clinical Officers), medical professionals, who are able to carry out about 75% of the activities carried out by a doctor, and who now make up 80% of the intermediate level medical force in the whole of South Sudan.

We chose this project because we want to provide a concrete response to the needs of this country, investing in its human resources.